C-Line Overview

C-Line 1

Self-powered Column Array Loudspeaker

The C-Line is designed for fixed installations.

It features high-quality components, a wide dynamic range, high SPL and extended frequency response.

It is perfectly reliable for sound reinforcement of small-sized and for zoned sound reinforcement of large-sized speaker systems.

The uniquely designed cabinets are made of selected multiplex and have been coated with resistant water-soluble spot painting in black.

Equipped with 18 pcs of M8 rigging points and a rotatable horn, a flexible switch in both horizontal and vertical direction can be realised to meet the demands of multifunctional and sound reinforcement applications.


C-Line 2

C 6

The C 6 self-powered column system is the perfect solution for people, who are looking for an easy to set up, expandable PA or monitor system.

C 6

C-Line 3

C 6 SE

The C 6 SE is a self-powered subwoofer extension, which normally acts as a remote-controlled addition to our versatile C 6 column system.

C 6 SE