Our Team 1

Michael von Keitz

Owner & Founder

+49 212 - 38226 - 14

Our Team 2
Markus Schmttinger

Markus Schmittinger

Authorized Officer

+49 212 - 38 226 - 52

Favourite musician:
Ry Cooder & Jimi Hendrix

Best album:
Paul Simon - Graceland
Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The way it is

Best film:
Lord of the Ring - The Return of the King

For me, good sound means being lifted to a higher level emotionally.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because this group of companies is so interesting and big, even though you can't see it from the outside. We are innovative, powerful and a great team of specialists who are able to really make a difference.

In my free time I play the guitar and sing.


Andreas Mayerl

Andreas Mayerl

Salesdirector Export

+49 212 - 38 226 - 53

Favourite musician:
Eddie van Halen

Best album:
Too many to choose one ...

Best film:
007 Skyfall

For me, good sound means a balanced, powerful reproduction of all frequency ranges.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because I can make a difference here.

When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my family or mountain biking.

Our Team 3

Manne Sumfleth


+49 212 - 38 226 - 54
+49 151 - 15 15 55 77

Favourite musician:
Ian Paice & Simon Phillips

Best album:
Deep Purple - Made in Japan
Gotthard - Live in Switzerland

Best film:
Honig im Kopf
Pippi Langstrumpf

For me, good sound means transporting emotions and passion via audio. I will be happy to show you on site.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because I not only really like the products, but also the people behind them.

When I'm not working, I like to sit on stage at the drums or be in nature and / or do sports.

Marketing & Website

Our Team 4

Steffen Grachegg

Marketing Director

+49 212 - 38 226 - 55
+43 660 - 180 8101

Favourite musician:
Justin Timberlake, Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski, Herman Li, Pharrell Williams, Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. All in constantly changing order and in constant exchange with other artists ...

Best album:
The Beatles - Abbey Road, Justice - D.A.N.C.E., Babymetal - Metal Resistance, Kraftwerk - Tour de France (preferably Live), Daft Punk - Discovery. All in constantly changing order and in constant exchange with other albums ...

Best film:
Der Marsianer, Interstellar 5555, Ghost Dog, Ghost in the Shell, Barbarella. All in constantly changing order and in constant exchange with other films ...

Good sound is to me like karger than life - it not only fits the application but additionally makes me smile and gives goose bumps.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because the tasks are exciting and challenging and the company has exactly the right size. I operate at a - more or less - global scope but without rigid corporate structures. I also like to travel for business reasons(#StopCorona). And I like most of my team 😉

When not working, I’m commuting … otherwise I like to spend time with my wife and my daughter. Listening to music is also important. Playstation and Playstation VR is also a nice balance (eisenfaust0380 if you dare …)

Our Team 5

Marcus Nahrgang

Webmaster, Photographer & IT-Consultant

+49 212 - 38 226 - 23

Favourite Bands:
Nightwish, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Lamb, Parov Stelar, Trentemöller, Christopher Schwarzwälder , Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Trippin Jaguar, Rapossa, Oceanvs Orientalis, Clawfinger, Rage against the Machine and lots of others.

Best Album:
Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony, Nightwish - Century Child, Parov Stelar - The Art of Sampling, The Princess Pt. 1 & 2

All-time Greatest:
Queen - A Night at the Opera, AC/DC - If you want Blood, Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon & The Wall, Deep Purple - Made in Japan & Scandinavian Nights

Best Film:
The Beach, Adam's Apples, Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, Into the Wild, Jungle, Leon: The Professional, Trainspotting, Lord of the Rings

I work for SE because I live my passion of being inside the sound industry with really good products and people, bringing in expertise in IT and also my favorite for sound, graphics, photography (my biggest hobby), and multimedia. I like the mixture of being able to listen to lots of good music even on the job, taking pictures in our studio or on stage, and working in Webdesign with my favorite CMS WordPress, and Social Media.

Like Marc, I also play bass and I am the proud owner of a Rickenbacker 4001, a Fender Precision Pro, a Warwick Corvette, and a Hohner B-Bass paired with an Ampeg SVT II incl. Ampeg 1540 cabinet. But to be honest, I haven't played actively for years ;o)...

I also play pool, travel or go hiking and fly my drone and I am always looking for photoshoots, preferably in lost places.
For relaxation, I enjoy the most sauna, massages, barbecue evenings, and summer evenings at the lake.

Our Team 6

Marc König

Webmaster & IT-Consulant

+49 212 - 38 226 - 29

Favourite musicians:
Mike Porcaro, Flea, Gordon Sumner, Victor Wooten, Brian May, Simon Phillips, Eddie Vedder, Jordan Rudess

Best Album:
Simple Minds - Street Fighting Years, Coldplay - Parachutes, Genesis - We Can't Dance, Dire Straits - Alchemy (Live), Guns 'N Roses - Use Your Illusion 1 & 2, Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - Live 1975-85.

Best Film:
Instinct, Powder, Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings, Memento, Breaking Bad, Django Unchained.

For me, good sound means being able to feel and sense the music.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because it connects me as a musician to my work in a unique way.

When I'm not working, I fly model planes & helicopters, ride downhill, play bass and piano, love diving and play beach volleyball.


Our Team 7

Andreas Reimer


+49 212 - 38226 - 56

Favourite musician:
Pink Floyd
Foo Fighters
Die Fantastischen Vier
Nils Frahm
Alessandro Cortini

Best Album:
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
Kraftwerk - Techno Pop

Best Film:
The Usual Suspects
The Big Lebowski

For me, good sound means that no matter whether it's a large project or a small construction site, a fixed installation or a mobile application, the right sound should reach every place. It's especially smart when I achieve this as unobtrusively and inconspicuously as possible.

I work for SE Audiotechnik, because the brand and the products have a lot of potential, there is a great team on site and there is the right scope for me and my ideas.

Development & Acoustic Engineers

Our Team 8

Michael Kapp

Senior Acoustics Engineer

+49 212 - 38226 - 24

Our Team 2
Our Team 10

Ugis Vilcans

Senior Acoustics Engineer

+49 212 - 38226 - 51

Our Team 2
Our Team 12

Andrés Jácome

Acoustic Engineer

+49 212 - 38 226 - 10

Favourite musician:
Pink Floyd
David Gilmour
Avishai Cohen
Snarky Puppy
In Flames

Best album:
Pink Floyd - Animals
Gojira - Magma
Deftones - Koi No Yokan
In Flames - A Sense of Purpose

Best film:
A Beautiful Mind
The Imitation Game
Captain Fantastic
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings

For me, good sound transmits and creates emotions.

I work at SE Audiotechnik because I believe the team behind us can make a difference by constantly innovating and creating.

When I am not working, I love doing sports. I like running and training Crossfit mainly weightlifting and conditioning.

Our Team 13

Jens Sander

Head of Electronics Development

+49 9422 - 8087 510

Favourite musician:
Sting, Leslie Mandoki, Kate Bush

Best album:
Sting - Fields of Gold
Leslie Mandoki - Soulmates
Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

Best film:
Werner Beinhart

For me, good sound means when the music detaches itself from the loudspeakers and all the musicians become freely recognisable in the room. And if the music is to the taste of the day, it's okay to shake your trouser leg.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because I can directly influence the functions and quality of our products.

When I'm not working, I walk through nature with our dog.

Our Team 14

Matthias Lessing

Project Manager Electronics/Software Development

+49 177 - 73 722 31

Favourite musician:

Best album:
Life Of Agony - River Runs Red

Best film:
Snatch – Schweine und Diamanten

For me, good sound means goosebumps!

I work for SE Audiotechnik because this is exactly where my colleagues share my passion for audio technology.

When I'm not working I just occupy myself with audio technology as a hobby. Or enjoy the time with friends and family!

Gerd Maumann

Gerd Naumann

Product Manager

+49 212 24 85 895

Favourite musicians:
Jimmy Page, Eric Burdon, Hugh Masekela, Prince

Best album:
Dark side of the Moon -  Led Zeppelin, Perter Fox - Stadtaffe, Hugh Masekela - Hope, Danse Macabre - nein, nicht die Gothic Finnen sondern Camille Saint-Saens

Favourite musicians:
Jimmy Page, Eric Burdon, Hugh Masekela, Prince

Best album:
Dark side of the moon, Led Zeppelin, City Monkey, Hope, Danse Macabre - no, not the Gothic Finns but Camille Saint-Saens

Best Film:
Once Upon a Time in America
The boat that rocked

Good sound for me is loud (!), clear and pleasant, never annoying. Music needs a reason to be played, I hate background chatter. I also love silence.

I work for SE Audiotechnik because I like my colleagues, I learn new things all the time and I don't get bogged down.

When I'm not working, I do something for my family.

Dietmar Sebel

Dietmar Sebel

Product Designer

+49 212 24 85 892

Our Team 2
Our Team 16

Mario Tommessen

Electronic Engineer

+49 174 - 92 22 585

Our Team 2

Accounting & Backoffice

Our Team 16

Andreas Matten

Sales Coordinator and Logistics

+49 212 - 38 226 - 20

Our Team 2
Our Team 20

Elke Hutz


+49 212 - 38 226 - 22

Favourite musician:
Freddy Mercury

Best album:
The Clash - London Calling

Best film:
Green Book

For me, good sound is like good food - enjoyment!

Our Team 21

Melanie Burghoff

Assistant to the Executive Board

+49 212 - 38 226 - 12

Favourite musician:
Fury in the slaughterhouse

Best album:
Fury in the Slaughterhouse - The Hearing and the Sense of Balance & Mono
Roxette - Joyride

Best film:
Tatsächlich … Liebe

For me, good sound means simply letting go, no matter at what volume.

When I'm not working, I'm a family person. I ride my bike or go for walks in the forest.

Warehouse & Logistics

Our Team 16

Sebastian Thiel


+49 212 - 38 366 87

Our Team 2
Our Team 16

Marek Styn


+49 212 - 38 366 87

Our Team 2