Tianjin Sports meeting

How does M-F3A PRO accomplish the mission impossible?

Recording 2018 Touring concert in Nanjing

From the traditional point of view, only big line arrays can accomplish the performance in venues with thousands of seats. If someone tells you that the arrays consisting solely of very compact and light speakers whose size is similar to A4 page and the weight is only 8kg, have finished the concert with more than 40,000 seats, does it topple down your traditional concept?

Of course, the answer is Yes! When M-F3A PRO wanted to challenge the task, almost all of the people thought it was impossible, everybody was nervous and panic until the concert was completed successfully.


Under the Burning Sun 

In the recent years, the brand “Shuanggou Zhenbaofang” has been holding tours every year. This year, they chose Nanjing and Xuzhou. On July 14th, the tour in Nanjing was held in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium. It was hosted by the famous compere, Ma Li from Jiangsu. The star-studded concert included the singers like Wakin Chau, Chyi Chin, Hebe Tien, Cyndi Chaw, Janice Yan, and Bin Bin rational band.

For this tour concert in Nanjing, the stage art and lighting project was in the charge of Jiangsu Rentian, and Nanjing Wucairensheng Culture Communication co. LTD.(The following abbreviation is Wucai) was responsible for the sound project. Hangzhou Qijiang Stage Art Technology Co. LTD. was responsible for sound design, tuning and operating. The main PA system, side fills and stage monitor system were all from SE AUDIOTECHNIK.

Wucai had been responsible for many different projects in Nanjing. Last year, the company started to increase the stock from SE AUDIOTECHNIK. When they proposed the M-F3A PRO to the organizers, the organizers decided to use SE as the main sound system of the concert as soon as they heard it.

“Because the size of M-F3A PRO is very small, this time it’s necessary to use more than one hundred speakers for the complete coverage of a good live sound. Except for the equipment supplied by SE AUDIOTECHNIK, we also invite SE’s biggest local dealer in Nanjing-------Nanjing Xinxuanli intelligent technology co. LTD. to provide the sound equipment together,” introduced by Wang Bin, General Manager of Nanjing Wucairensheng Culture Communication co. LTD.

While, Nanjing was sweltering in July and the highest temperature can reach 37 degrees in the daytime. All of the staff needed to build and tune the system in such a scorching hot day which was also a big challenge for equipment. “The cooling system in M-F3A PRO and the specially-made heat dissipation panel makes it resist the extremely hot weather. During the product development stage, M-F3A PRO has passed many severe tests, including 100 hour power test, heat resistance test, etc. Therefore, such weather is not a problem for M-F3A PRO.” Winnie Xiong, Sales manager of SE AUDIOTECHNIK commented.

On the Scene

The Body as Small as A4 Contains the Energy for 40,000 People

At 7:30, the concert began. After the compere Ma Li’s announcement, Binbin Rational Band raised the curtain. Afterwards, Wakin Chau, Janice Yan, Chyi Chin and Cyndi Chaw, sang classic pop songs one after another. When all of the audience called out Hebe Tien, waving the glow stick: the finale singer Hebe Tien emerged from the backstage. At the peak of the concert, the occupancy rate exceeded 45,000.

The main sound reinforcement system was made up with A and B system, in each of which, 18 pieces of M-F3A PRO constituting one line array. Two arrays in parallel on each side, totally 72 M-F3A Pro were used as the main PA system;  32 M-A8 SE subwoofers composed the subwoofer system; 14 SE M-121P stage monitors were put on the stage and 4 SE M-A8 used for stage side fill. As for side fill to auditorium, 48 M-F3A PRO were used for reinforcement, in which, 16 M-F3A PRO hung were served for the reinforcement in the central part of auditorium. In the left front area of auditorium, left back auditorium, right front auditorium and right back auditorium, 8 M-F3A PRO were stacked on the rack on the floor in each area.

Main PA system was made up with A and B system, totally 72 M-F3A PRO.

32 M-A8 SE subwoofers compose subwoofer system

14 SE M-121P stage monitors

4 SE M-A8 used for stage side fill

16 M-F3A PRO hung were served for the reinforcement in the central part of auditorium

8 M-F3A PRO were put on each side of the auditorium area


As for systems related with singers and band, they used 6 Sennheiser ew G4 500 series Wireless MIC, 2 DSH-IIIB G4 headphone monitors, Shure SM58、MIPRO AD707A、AD100 and TA-80 as well as Beyerdynamic were part of the equipment used in the concert.


Sales Manager Winnie Xiong introduced M-F3A PRO on the spot. He expressed that M-F3A PRO is the updated version of M-F3A: it has advanced MF and HF drivers; 2dB higher max SPL than the original M-F3A; extended low-frequency response and more powerful class-D amplification. He said: “M-F3A PRO is SE masterpiece on which the skillful craftsmen made lots of painstaking effort and that carry forward the dream of SE peoples.”

If the M-F3A PRO is disassembled, you can see it is formed by 15 speakers, in which, 8 pieces of high-efficiency 2.8” full range speakers and 7 pieces of 1” direct radiate tweeters w/o horn. It has the same frontal measurements as a sheet of A4 paper and weighs only 8kg, whereas such a small system finished the concert with more than 40,000 seats. It is so-called “small size and high SPL”.

“The highlight of M-F3A PRO is that 7 pieces of direct radiating tweeters are used to follow the concept of smooth, low distortion and high fidelity sound with controlled directivity. As a result you have consistent sound in the near and far field.” Winnie Xiong introduced.

Behind the Scenes

Don’t Let Bias and Technology Bottleneck Limit Your Imagination

When the concert photos were spread in the Chinese twitter, the friends in social media apps were discussing why 2 full-range arrays can be hung together? How was it designed?

FOH Monitor: Huang Yadong from Qijiang

Qijiang team was responsible for this sound design and mixing, “ At the end of June, after we received the reinforcement task for the concert, we went to Nanjing Olympic Sports Center to see the site. The area of the inner auditorium is 110m*90m and the distance from the inner auditorium to spectators stand is 90m.M-F3A PRO had never worked for such a big venue. It was also a challenge for our team to complete it with M-F3A PRO. Our mind was also filled with doubt that if hornless M-F3A PRO can fulfill the task perfectly?” the founder of Qijiang, Huang Yadong introduced. Once they went back from Nanjing to set about designing the project, the simulated diagram of M-F3A gave them the confidence. Because in the practical performance, M-F3A PRO, the updated version of M-F3A, would take the role, so the risk was lower.

The simulating diagram of Ease Focus

While A, B system design was from his thoughts. “A, B system is very normal abroad, but relatively infrequent in China. In two systems, one system is in charge of human voice, the other is in charge of music signal. The combination of A and B system makes the whole sound clearer and richer with more dynamics and better timbre, and it solved the problem of huge echo in the venue. ”Huang Yadong introduced the conception of A, B system to us.

Monitor:  Qijiang  Zhumeili


“When the concert started, someone described and summarized our concert as NEVER LET THE BIAS AND TEVHNOLOGY NECLBOTTLE TO LIMIT OUR IMAGINATION. I think the opinion is very outstanding and original. We are always restricted by some traditional thoughts, but at the same time, in most cases, we need to break the routine, subvert tradition to get the different effect.” Huang Yadong said.

The famous singer Hebe Tien’s monitor :Chen Junchi

Chyi Chin’s monitor:Ding Lei (left)


The design of Huang Yadong also got the affirmation from the singer’s monitor. Ding Lei was responsible for the tuning of Chyi Chin. He thought the biggest advantage of M-F3A was it could reproduce the singer’s sound, while this kind of design made the human voice very smooth and confortable. “We didn’t calm down until the concert finished. It was really a bold attempt. When the concert finished smoothly and successfully, we all cheered.” Yu Jun from Xinxuanli said after the concert ended.

From left to right: Wang Bin from Wucairensheng, Xiong Le from SE AUDIOTECHNIK, Yujun from Xin Xuanli

From left to right: Zhu Guoyong from SE AUDIOTECHNIK, Wang Bin from Wucairensheng, Yu Jun from Xinxuanli, Xiong Le from SE audiotechnik, Fang Kun from Jiangsu Rentian

SE AUDIOTECHNIK paid a lot of attention to this concert, because it is the first time for M-F3A Pro, and even for SE AUDIOTECHNIK to fulfill such a big task. “It is the first time for M-F3A PRO to unveil and apply to the practical project. The power of 2 M-F3A PRO is equal to 3 M-F3A, at the same time, the sound is more realistic and appealing. In the past, M-F3A also did some projects, such as the opening ceremony for the fourteenth sports meeting in Tianjin, but it is still the first time for it to deliver the sound in such a huge outdoor stadium.” Winnie Xiong thought the project had very important significance for SE, “We hope let more customers and users find out the value of M-F3A PRO and see the figure of M-F3A PRO in more and more big venue.”

SE team

Although the performance only lasted for three hours, but the workers at the front stage and behind the scenes took a lot of efforts. Most importantly, with the effort of this team, things that seemed impossible turned out to be possible. Sometimes we really can’t limit our thoughts on account of our concept.








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