Statement about SE Audiotechnik M-Line

DJ-Night including Live Performance

Eventlocation Lautrer Bahnheim, 300 PAX / 07.09.2019

Used material:

4x MF-3 Pro, 3x Sub-12 / Seite, groundstacked in Cardoid Setup
Technician / User: 

Producer / DJ:


DJ-Superjam am 07.09.2019

Here is our testimonial about the speaker system:

The speakers are truly amazing. The slender and sleek combined with the powerful sound is not only a hit but a homerun. Many of our customers enquired about them. Mostly we had questions about the company which produces them. During the live show there was no feedback, even when the performing artist were walking in front of the speakers. It is also amazing how much sound came from them. The highs were audible from the back of the stage where the dj booth was located. That was so helpful that the djs did not need a monitor. The speakers did not peak or distort at any time even though we turned them up pretty high. We recommend these speakers to anyone in need of a great sound system.

Thanks again for the opportunity to use the speaker system.

Kind regards,

Johnny and Tray