The C6 self-powered column system is an expandable PA or monitor system with versatile connectivity and direct control via the built-in mixer.
This column speaker system with its elegant and unobtrusive design delivers a great sound for speech and music reproduction at small and medium-sized venues and installations with an audience of up to a few hundred listeners. C6 provides a variety of audio inputs, such as Bluetooth®, XLR combo, RCA, 6.3 mm Hi-Z and a 3.5 mm TRS jack.

The subwoofer enclosure features two 10” woofers and serves as a stable base for the columns. The column consists of six 3.5” full-range drivers and two co-axial 3.5” speakers with 0.5” compression drivers. Three amplifiers with a total power of 1500 W and an integrated DSP allow this versatile system to deliver up to 126 dB SPL of sound pressure with plenty of punch and rich lows down to 50 Hz and sparkling highs up to 21 kHz.

The C6 column system can be extended with the C6 SE subwoofer and configured as a stereo system by connecting a second C6 unit.


C6 User Panel

Various inputs

You can choose between a variety of audio inputs, such as Bluetooth®, XLR combo, RCA, Hi-Z and a 3.5 mm stereo jack, which makes the system truly universal. Each input level can be adjusted individually, giving you full mixing control.


Stable base

The subwoofer enclosure with it´s readily accessible controls not only serves as a stable base for the columns, but also features two 10″ bassreflex woofers, which deliver plenty of punch with rich lows down to 50 Hz. Furthermore it comprises three amplifiers with a total power of 1500 W and an integrated DSP.

C6 Plug and Play

Plug & play

By simply plugging the two column modules onto the subwoofer, you raise six 3.5” full-range drivers and two co-axial 3.5” speakers with 0.5” compression drivers to a height of about 2 meters within no time. Depending on your needs you could also enhance the system with the C6 SE Subwoofer Extension.

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C6 Drawing

Frequency range (-3dB)*:50 Hz-21 kHz
Coverage angles (-6 dB) [H x V]:120° x 25°
Maximum Peak SPL2**:126 dB
System type3-way active
Crossover frequencies:250 Hz (LF/MF), 3 kHz (MF/HF)
Transducers:2x 10″ woofer with 2.5″ voice coil
6x 3.5″ full range driver with 1″ voice coil
2x 3.5″ full range driver with 1″ voice coil
2x 0.5″ compression tweeter with 1″ voice coil
coaxially mounted with waveguide.
Enclosufre typeSubwoofer: bass reflex enclosure
Columns: closed cabinet
Type:Class -D with SMPS (LF,MF); Class-A/B (HF)
Total Power***:1500 W
Outpout power per channel****:LF: 800 W, MF: 600 W, HF: 100 W
Protection:Short circuit, Overheating, Overcurrent, Limiter
Indicators:Power on, Signal, Limit, Protect, Mono/Stereo
Connectors:Microphone input: 1x XLR combo jack;
Line input: 2x XLR combo jack, balanced;
2x RCA jack, unbalanced;
Hi-Z input: 1x TS jack, unbalanced;
MP3 input: 1x 3.5mm TRS jack, stereo
Bluetooth® streaming: BT version 4.0
System Out output: XLR, balanced; mono
mode: mono summing L+R; stereo mode:
signal right (R) | subwoofer output: XLR female,
balanced; processed signal for routing
to complementary subwoofer
Power connector: powerCON® 20A
Wiring:Pin layout XLR: Pin 2: Signal+; Pin 3: Signal-;
Pin 1: Shield | Pin layout TRS: Tip: Signal+;
Ring: Signal-; Shaft: Shield | Pin layout stereo
TRS: Tip: Left; Ring: Right; Shaft: Shield
Pin layout powerCON®: Pin N: Neutral;
Pin L: Conductor; Pin E: Earth, Ground
Operating voltage range:100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Input sensitivity:0 dBu
DSP:48 kHz/24 bit with extended dynamics
Processing latency: 1.1 ms
Connectivity:Bluetooth® Version 4.0; A2DP v1.2
(SBC Codec), AVRCP v1.4
Processing:Crossover, Limiter, EQ, Level
User controls:Power: On/Off switch
System Level: Main Level; Subwoofer Level
Input Level: Microphone; Line; Bluetooth®/
System Configuration: Bluetooth® Pairing button
Stereo/Mono Mode switch
Product dimensions [H x W x D]:
(Including rigging):
347 x 750 x 532 mm Subwoofer
855 x 100 x 129 mm Columns
Net weight:35.5 kg subwoofer
10.6 kg Columns
Packaging dimensions
[H x W x D]
433 x 830 x 615 mm Subwoofer
980 x 380 x 1980 mm Columns
Total weight:38 kg Subwoofer
13.2 kg Columns
Cabinet:Subwoofer: Plywood
Columns: Aluminum
Cabinet finishing:Black polyurea coating; powder coating
Grille:Powder coated perforated steel
Hardware:2 side handles embedded in cabinet;
Rubber feet
Rigging:4-point connector for mounting the lower speaker columns on the subwoofer
4-point connector for mounting the upper speaker column on the lower speaker column
C6 TD:Transport Dolly for C6 or C6 SE
C6 FC:Flightcase for C6 or C6 SE
All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.* Whole space, 1W / 1m
** Calculated Max. Peak SPL = Sensitivity + 10log10(output power)
*** Total power value is the sum of all individual channel output power
**** According to EIA-426B Standard


C6 Dollyboard


Transport dolly for C6 all-in-one or C6 SE subwoofer extension

C6 FC Flightcase


Flightcase for C6 all-in-one or C6 SE subwoofer extension


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