Versatile, compact and focussed

For your message to reach your conversation partner and for it to be as clear and comprehensible as possible, you would ideally address them directly. The I-Line works on the same principle.

The design of the loudspeakers, which is aimed at maximum speech intelligibility, enables a strong directional effect. Wide horizontal dispersion angles cover a wide area, while slim vertical dispersion angles efficiently avoid unwanted reflections from the floor and ceiling. The overall sound experience is balanced and pleasant, while speech intelligibility is optimally guaranteed even under complex acoustic conditions.

Three individually designed column speakers with 2, 4 or 8 drivers and a specially tuned subwoofer are complemented by two powerful, tailor-made amplifiers with a DSP processor and corresponding accessories for maximum mounting flexibility. Depending on the size and configuration of the room, the flexible, modular system offers an optimum combination of components for every situation.

Whether conference or sales premises, churches, halls, boutiques, cafés, clubs or bars – the various elements of the I-Line provide the right solution for individual acoustic requirements. Crystal-clear, pleasant speech intelligibility as well as discreet background sound are easy to achieve. In combination with the optimally tuned subwoofer, an I-Line system plays back music in a balanced way, while the directional design of the column speakers transmits speech clearly and distinctly even under challenging structural conditions.

The I-Line system allows the audience to effortlessly discern musical elements without having to listen too hard.