Mobile PA


Small Size Plus Plug & Play

Small Size Plus Plug & Play

The M-Line consists of self-powered modular PA systems suitable for in and outdoor audiences ranging from small crowds to a few thousand people. When extremely natural sound matters and/or space for placing is scarce, you will benefi t from the solutions off ered by this fl exible, compact and sophisticated product line.

Plug & Play

Easy-to-handle controls, tailor-made amplifi ers with ready-to-go DSP settings allow for super fast setup times with amazing results. All amplifi ers are combined with rock-solid DSP fi ltering and limiting, providing outstanding audio quality, whilst ensuring worry-free driver protection. Every product is available in both black and white polyurea coated fi nishes. Every component is exclusively designed and made by SE AUDIOTECHNIK®. The variety of accessories allows you to operate and scale the system according to the application with minimum eff ort and resources needed.

Rocket Sound from Solingen – light, strong, on a mission for 40 years

Discover our equipment for clever field work! The L-Line is our weightless line array for light and sound rental companies, professional bands and installers.

Thanks to our very own factory in China, we are able to offer reasonable prices while retaining absolute quality control. As market leader, we are always sustainable. Your reliable German-based contact person is always available for you on site.

Our lightweight, strong sound missiles offer one of the most compact professional PA solutions for small to large events. The L-Line allows you to precisely control a homogeneous sound field – with amazingly little space in the shuttle.

Our goal is for you to land in the right spot. Therefore, the L-Line is easy to scale and flexible in terms of possible combinations. Ready for landing!

When the sound goes under your skin

Good sound needs a powerful foundation. But every application is different and needs to have its own sound solution. That’s why we developed the B-Line into one of the most comprehensive and versatile subwoofer series on the market, so that every professional user, whether rental company or installer, can find the perfect solution for his or her application.

Compact 15″, powerful 18″, mighty 21″, active or passive,  for fixed installations or touring, stacked on the floor or flown in an array, in classic black or elegant white – we have the right subwoofer in our range!

The B-Line is perfectly matched to SE AUDIOTECHNIK® systems and supports the authentic, transparent sound reproduction of the arrays with an impressive low-frequency base. In addition, the B-Line models also easily and flexibly complement  any other existing system with their rich, clear and dynamic bass reproduction. The B-Line’s Adaptive Port technology optimises the port airflow asymmetrically and thus ensures uniform signal reproduction and an extended  dynamic range in all models, regardless of load. Even in the absolute bass registry, undesirable, disturbing noises as well as distortions are significantly reduced.