Manufacturer’s Declarations


SE AUDIOTECHNIK gives a warranty of 4 years on SE AUDIOTECHNIK products. The warranty period begins with the purchasing date. The warranty applies to material or production defects that occur. Defective components or products will be repaired or replaced free of charge by SE AUDIOTECHNIK at its own sole and exclusive discretion during the warranty period.


Customers who register their products with SE AUDIOTECHNIK on the official website are entitled to an additional 2-year warranty.


SE AUDIOTECHNIK does not guarantee the uninterrupted and fault-free operation of the products. The warranty does not apply:
  • For wear parts and natural abrasion.
  • For damage, defects or malfunctions caused by improper use or use for other than the intended purpose.
  • For damage, defects and malfunctions caused by the use of force or environmental conditions.
  • For unauthorized repair efforts.


The request for warranty service can be submitted to SE AUDIOTECHNIK or to the dealer from whom the SE AUDIOTECHNIK products were purchased.

Contact details SE AUDIOTECHNIK

SE AUDIOTECHNIK Head office Neuenhofer Straße 42-44 Solingen, 42657 Germany Phone: +49 212 – 38226 – 0 E-Mail: In order to claim warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase and allow SE AUDIOTECHNIK to examine the warranty claim (e.g. sending in the products, examination at an authorized partner). Without proof of purchase, the provision of a warranty service can be rejected. During the extended warranty period, proof of product registration must be provided in addition.


Your statutory warranty rights are not affected by this warranty. Furthermore, this warranty has no influence on any agreements you may have concluded with a dealer.


SE AUDIOTECHNIK is not liable for personal injury, material damage or claims resulting from inappropriate, dangerous or incorrect use of the products.


SE AUDIOTECHNIK devices comply with the fundamental requirements and other relevant specifications of the directives of the European Union. The detailed declaration and the list of these directives and harmonized standards are provided on the website Included are all product variants, as long as they comply with the original technical design and have not been subsequently modified mechanically, electrically or in their original condition.


Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate waste collection systems. SE AUDIOTECHNIK products must not be disposed of with other waste at the end of their service life to avoid possible harm to the environment or human health. Private users can contact either the dealer from whom they purchased the products or the local authority for information on environmentally friendly disposal. Commercial users can contact their supplier, if they have any questions about disposal.


SE AUDIOTECHNIK products are designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components that are intended to be recyclable and/or reusable. SE AUDIOTECHNIK is WEEE registered in accordance with WEEE policy.


SE AUDIOTECHNIK products may contain software directly or indirectly that is necessary or complementary for their use. These software components may be SE AUDIOTECHNIK own developments or licensed and open-source products and solutions or a combination of the mentioned. In the case of open-source licenses, SE AUDIOTECHNIK will provide a copy of the source code and the full text of the corresponding license upon request in accordance with the license terms. Excluded from this and protected by copyright are own and licensed software solutions and software components.