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The new S12 PRO is an upgraded subwoofer for the M-Line family, building on the success of the SUB 112BR. The subwoofer consists of a single 12” driver in a bass-reflex configuration, and features an updated 800W Class-D amplifier. Its efficient design and compact size guarantees flexible placement in every environment.

A two-point SE rigging system allows for safe and easy stacking, while the improved port design increases the overall performance, reduces the port-noise and helps to maximize system SPL.

The newly designed amplifier helps to deliver plenty of punch with higher SPL levels than its predecessor. Equipped with a cost-effective, yet flexible DSP system there is no need for external signal processing.

Integrated DSP-presets help to quickly load different system setups to be used with various M-F3A and M-F3A PRO configurations. Setting up an end-fire or cardioid setup can be done quickly and simply by choosing one of the dedicated factory presets.

Users can also individual control various parameters such as gain, EQ, filters, delay and more. The new amplifier panel can be extended with an additional rain-protection cover, that helps to protect the electronics from rain and outdoor environments.



Built-in power amplifier & DSP

Each S12 PRO subwoofer is equipped with an 800W class-D power amplifier with switching-mode power supply for minimum weight and maximum flexibility anywhere in the world.
Additionally to that our 24bit/48kHz DSP processor provides signal filtering and ensures maximum driver protection.

DSP Presets

Integrated presets help to quickly load different system setups to be used with various M-F3A and M-F3A Pro configurations.
Setting up an end-fire or cardoid setup e.g. can be done by choosing dedicated factory presets.

Integrated Rigging

M-F3A S12 Pro subwoofers are equipped with two-point SE stacking system that compromises 2 pieces of slide & lock mechanisms to connect two stacked subwoofers to each other.
The same system is used to connect optional M-F3A SF stacking frame.
Additionally a M20 distance pole thread is available on the top.

Cardioid subwoofer setups

Due to the intelligent stacking design, it is possible to operate our S12 subwoofers as a cardioid setup without any problems.

EASE® Ready

AFMG® EASE® and EASE® Focus 3 GLL are available for the whole M-F3A PRO family. This allows users to simulate and calculate various parameters such as audience coverage, SPL, frequency response, splay angles, delay times and more. Files are available in the Downloads section. 

EASE® and AFMG® are registered trademarks of AFMG Technologies GmbH.


Model:M-F3A S12 PRO / S12 PRO W
Type: Bass-reflex
Frequency Response (-6dB): 40 - 135 Hz
Amplification (Peak): 800 W
Amplifier Type: Class D, SMPS
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 95 dB
Max SPL (@1m) *: 133 dB peak
Dispersion (H x V): omni directional
Transducers: WF: 1 x 12” ferrite magnet and 3’’ voice coil
DSP: 48 kHz, 24-bit DSP processor, processing latency: 1.1 ms
Signal Processing: Multiband-limiter, EQ, filtering
Protection: Short-circuit, overheating, over-current
Controls: Digital encoder with push-button
Indicators: Power On, Signal In, Limit, Protect
Audio Connectors: XLR 3-pin female line-level input, XLR 3-pin male signal link
Power Connectors: Neutrik PowerCon type A power input, type B power link (max: 15A, max 4 pcs per line)
Hardware: 2x two-point SE stacking system, M20 distance pole thread
Power Requirements: 100 - 120 VAC or 220 - 240 VAC
Cabinet: 15 mm plywood, black or white polyurea coating
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 355 (385 with rigging) x 507 x 495 mm
Weight: 23 kg

* max. SPL peak = Sensitivity + 10 x (log10 RMS Power) + 12 dB crest factor
** All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.




M-F3A SPS 20

M20 Pole support for mounting e.g. M-F3A Pro (or M-F3A) on top of S12 Pro subwoofer.

M-F3A SPS 20


Amplifier rain cover

Detachable rain cover for S12 PRO & M-F3A FS

Amplifier rain cover



Subwoofer Flight Case (for 2 pcs. of M-F3A S12 PRO)




Ease® GLL-File