B-Line 1

Low Frequencies Control

B-Line subwoofers deliver rich, clear and dynamic sound distortion free.

With a broad range of sizes and capabilities, these subwoofers can be paired with other SE products to create full range scalable systems for portable applications or fixed installations of any size.

This product line expertly blends precision and power into one cohesive package.

Designed using a sophisticated asymmetrical port technology, every subwoofer is built and tuned to the highest standards.

Optimising the port airflow makes the sound consistent no matter the stress, while keeping a low amount of unwanted and disturbing noise, distortion and extending the dynamics.

The B-Line passive models speakON® connectors on the back and two additional speakON® connectors located on the front increase wiring flexibility and ease of use cutting set-up time even in large configurations.



B 15 Subwoofer containing a 15" passive speaker.

B 15A active Subwoofer containing a 15" speaker and integrated 800 W DSP controlled amplifier.

B 18 Subwoofer containing an 18" passive speaker.

B 21 Subwoofer containing a 21" passive speaker.