B 15

The B 15 comprises a single 15″ driver mounted in a vented box, with a sophisticated adaptive port that optimises the airflow and improves its response. This technology, developed through exhaustive research, enables a lower cut-off frequency while having smaller volume. This translates into deeper and dynamic bass from a compact enclosure.

In addition to the speakON® connectors on the back, the subwoofer includes two additional located on the front. This guarantees wiring flexibility and ease of use, reducing setup time even in large configurations.

Finally, the set of accessories specially designed for the B-Line, makes their setup and transportation easier, safer and more comfortable.

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Sockets at front grill

Sockets at front grill

Convenient multiple Neutrik speakON® sockets in front* and back allows for easy set up ideal for live performances.

Cardioid subwoofer setups

Cardioid subwoofer setups

Due to the intelligent stacking design and the front* and rear sockets, it is possible to operate our B-Line subwoofers as a cardioid setup without any problems.

* B 15A and B 15A W do not have any front sockets.

Starfish rubber-feet

Starfish rubber-feet

Our so called “starfish rubber-feet” are made from some flexible rubber/plastic material, which provides good slip resistance.


B 15A

B 18

B 21


B 15 4
B 15
Frequency range (-3 dB) *: 39 Hz - 130 Hz
Frequency range (-10 dB) *: 33 Hz - 160 Hz
Coverage angles (-6dB) [H x V]: Omnidirectional
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω
Sensitivity **: 98 dB
Peak Power: 1600 W
Continuous Power ****: 400 W
Maximum Peak SPL *****: 136 dB
System type: 1-way passive system
Crossover frequency: -
Transducers: 1 x 15" driver
Enclosure: Vented box
Connectors: Input / Link signal: 4 Neutrik speakON® NL4 Link output: 1 Neutrik speakON® NL4
Wiring: Pins 1+/1- : driver Pins 2+/2- : link (Output CH 2, pins 1+/1-)
Product dimensions [H x W x D] (Including rigging): 514 x 494 x 650 mm
Net weight: 30 kg
Packaging dimensions [H x W x D]: 613 x 550 x 733 mm
Total weight: 33.1 kg
Cabinet: 15 - 18 mm plywood
Cabinet finishing: Black or white polyurea coating
Grille: Powder coated perforated steel
Hardware: 2 SE Audiotechnik® ergonomic handles
4 rubber feet and top recesses for stacking
M20 pole thread
Stacking: Two-point SE Audiotechnik® stacking system
Splay angles: -
Stacking frame for M-F3A PRO: B15 SFi M
Stacking frame for L35: B15 SFi L35
Pole bar: SPS20
Flight case: B15 FC
Transport dolly: B15 TD
Transport cover: B15 TC
All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. * Measured with a 6th-order Butterworth low-pass filter applied at 130 Hz
** Half space, 1W / 1m, on axis
*** According to EIA-426B Standard (based on RMS Voltage)
**** Max Peak SPL = Sensitivity + 10log10(Continuous Power) + 12 dB Crest Factor


B15 SFi M

B15 SFi M
Stacking frame for mounting the M-F3A PRO on top of a B 15 or B 15 A subwoofer

B15 SFi L35

B15 SFi L35
Stacking frame for mounting the L 35 on top of any B 15 or B 15A subwoofer


M20 Pole support to pole mount an M-F3A or M-F3A PRO on any B-Line subwoofer.

B15 FC

B15 FC
Flightcase for B 15 or B 15A

B15 TD

B15 TD
Dolly board for B 15 or B 15A subwoofer

B15 TC

B15 TC
Transport cover for B 15 or B 15A