L-Line 1

Compact High Performance Line Array

L-Line offers one of the most compact professional PA solutions for small- to medium-sized venues, which demand precise control over a uniform soundfield, while requiring the smallest system footprint.

The system’s flexibility, scalability, and ultra-low distortion make it the right choice for any project from concert halls to arenas, and from EDM festivals to outdoor symphony performances. Weather proofing is also available, as are dedicated accessories giving you the capability to fly multiple combinations of the cabinets and matching your particular needs. All loudspeakers are available in a black or white polyurea coating.

The power necessary for running your L-Line setup is delivered by the LA 10.4D, a modern 4x 2,570W Class-D amplifier with features including network control and networked audio.

All products in the L-Line have been designed to be an indispensable tool for users. These speakers provide flexibility, scalability and low distortion so that they can be used in a wide range of applications from live music to installations.


The LA 10.4D is the power behind the L-Line, offering 4x 2,570W Class-D amplification.

L 35 - Compact and light dual 3.5" line array offering outstanding power density.

L 35 FS - Flyable single 8" subwoofer with impressive performance to accompany the L 35 line array unit.

L 65 is a flying line array element with 2 x 6.5" woofer, 4 x 3.5" mid-woofer, 2 x 1" compression driver.

The L 65 FS is a flyable subwoofer extension for the L-Line array units.