L 35FS

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L 35FS is an ultra-compact single 8” vented flyable bass extension, available as both an 8 Ω and a 16 Ω version.

It produces 127 dB peak SPL and delivers the same ease of operation and setup as the L 35 line array modules.

L 35FS can be used in either stand-alone mode or in combination with ground stacked subwoofers in larger setups.

It is available in black or white polyurea coating with a dedicated protective grille for outdoor use.

Max. configuration:
1x LA 804D (4 channel mode) system amplifier
12x L 35FS (3 pieces / channel)


Clean Wiring

L 35FS subwoofer, just like the L 35, has a built-in 2-way switch that allows the user to select between two input signals when used with a 4-wire cable. This helps to make cleaner looking wiring for small or larger system setups because only half of the necessary cables are needed.

Small Size

L 35FS is an exceptionally compact flyable subwoofer. With it's 8" woofer and rigging it weighs only 8 kgs and the size is comparable to a small travel bag. Its compact size and weight makes it extremely easy to transport - a couple of the subs would easily fit in the smallest city cars!

Outdoor Version

L 35FS subwoofer is not only available in both black and white, outdoor models are available for the whole L 35 range. L 35FS is then equipped with an aesthetically elegant grille that covers and protects the driver and cabinet.


Model:L 35FS / L 35FS W
Type: Bass-reflex
Frequency Response (-3dB): 60 - 250 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω or 16 Ω available
Transducers: 1 x 8” woofer
Sensitivity (dB SPL @ 1W/1m): 91 dB
Continuous Power Handling (AES): 300 W
Max. SPL (@1m)*: 127 dB
Controls: 2-way Input Channel Switch (+1/-1 or +2/-2)
Audio Connectors: Neutrik Speakon® NL4 IN / LINK
Splay Angles:
Rigging: 3-point rigging, 2x flat SE rigging pins with clip, 1x standard SE rigging pin
Cabinet: 12mm plywood, black or white polyurea coating
Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 360 x 243 mm (without rigging), 312 x 382 x 243 mm (with rigging)
Weight: 8 kg

* max. SPL peak = Sensitivity + 10 x log10 (RMS Power) + 12 dB crest factor
** Peak Power = Average Power + 6 dB crest factor

- All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. -


L 35FS

L 35 BF

L 35 BF universal bumper frame can be used for hanging, ground stacking or together with a pole.

L 35 BF



EU declaration of conformity - Passive Loudspeakers

EU declaration of conformity - Rigging and Accessories