L 65 FS

If you need powerful lows and can’t use ground stacked subwoofers, here is your perfect solution. Powered by a high performance 15” driver with a neodymium magnet, the L 65 FS delivers the low end you need from up in the air.

Offering clear and punchy lows with amazing accuracy and a usable frequency range between 50 Hz and 200 Hz, it has plenty of SPL and delivers enough bass to be flown with two or three of L 65 line arrays.

Max. configuration:
1x LA 804D (4 channel mode)
8x L 65 FS (2 pieces / channel)

Splay angles up to 8" are possible, allowing the system to be in flown subwoofer arrays when more sophisticated LF directivity needs to be achieved. The light weight cabinet and ease-to-use 4-point rigging system makes it convenient to fly the system.

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Impressive punch and dynamics

L 65 FS line array offers impressive punch and dynamics driven by a 15" powerful neodymium speaker.

Clean Wiring

L 65 FS line array units just have an input and a link socket. With these, the user can decide to connect up to 2x (4Ω setups) or even 4x (2Ω setups) L 65 FS in parallel. This reduces wiring to a minimum of effort and costs.

Stackable Dimensions

L 65 FS height is exactly two times L 65 or four times the compact L 35 unit height, which allow easy stacking.


L 65 FS, although containing a big 15" woofer, is a lightweight system, making transportation and setup an easy task.

Outdoor Version

L 65 FS line array is not only available in both black and white color. Outdoor models are available for the whole L-Line range and L 65 FS then is equipped with aesthetically elegant grill that covers and protects the drivers and cabinet. Additionally outdoor-ready back panels are installed to ensure best component protection.

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L 65 FS 2
L 65 FS
Frequency range (-3dB) *: 60 – 200 Hz
Frequency range (-6dB) *: 45 – 275 Hz
Coverage: Omnidirectional
Nominal impedance (Ω): 8 Ω
Sensitivity: 95 dB
Peak power: 2000 W
Continuous power: 500 W
Crossover frequency: -
Transducers: 1x 15“ woofer
Enclosure: Vented box
Connectors: Input / Link signal: 2 Neutrik speakON® NL4
Wiring: Pins 1+/1- : driver Pins 2+/2- : link signal, pins 1+/1-
Product dimensions [H x W x D] (Including rigging): 447 x 766 x 385 mm
Net weight: 30 kg
Packaging dimensions [H x W x D]: 573 x 810 x 480 mm
Total weight: 33 kg
Cabinet: 12 mm plywood
Cabinet finishing: Black or white polyurea coating
Grille: Powder coated perforated steel
Hardware: Side handles in plywood embedded in cabinet
Rigging: Four-point rigging system: two front and two rear 8 mm SE Audiotechnik® locking pins.
Splay angles: 0º, 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º, 6º, 8º
Bumper frame: L65 BF / L65 BF W
L 35 Under Frame Adapter: L65 UFB
All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. * Measured with a 6th-order Butterworth low-pass filter applied at 130 Hz
** Whole space, 1W / 1m, on axis
*** According to EIA-426B Standard (based on RMS Voltage)
**** Max Peak SPL = Sensitivity + 10log10(Continuous Power) + 12 dB Crest Factor


L 65 FS 3

L 65 BF

Universal bumper frame can be used on the upper side of the unit for hanging or for stacking with another L65 UFB.

L 65 FS 4

L 65 Adaptor Frame