LA 804D

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This dedicated system amplifier was designed for maximum ease of operation, versatility and control, when powering the L-Line line array systems.

The amplifier has high-quality integrated DSP processing, Dante® networked-audio and remote network control. Most importantly there are system tuning and optimization tools at your fingertips such as parametric EQ, delay and FIR filtering.

LA 804D is a four-channel system amplifier with a power output of 4×1,250W per channel. The 2 Ω minimum impedance support allows for a large number of speakers to be connected.

Dedicated software for planning, analyzing and executing your application will be available in the future. With an intuitive user interface, professional audio toolkit and comprehensive network control, you’ll be able to optimize your workflow as well as save time and money.

Max. configuration:
1x LA 804D (4 channel mode)
24x L 35 (6 pieces / channel)


LA 804D


LA 804D power amplifier is equipped with 3 most widely used analog input and output connections in professional audio. 2 channel XLR inputs with link outputs together with Phoenix MSTB 3-pin inputs will cover most of the input needs. Outputs are equipped with 3x Neutrik speakON® connectors in parallel with 4-pin Phoenix MSTB connectors for maximum flexibility.

Integrated DSP

24bit/48kHz DSP processor provides all L-line speakers with correct and precise filter, EQ and limiter settings. As always - good sounding and well protected speaker systems are the ultimate aim of the SE AUDIOTECHNIK engineering team. Built-in speaker presets, EQ control, delay and other features allow for an easy, cost-effective and quick system setup and tuning.
LA 804D


Model:LA 804D
Type: Class-D, SMPS
Channels 4
Power Output:
 2 x 2500 W @ 2Ohm / 2 x 2500 W @ 4 Ohm / 4 x 1250 W @ 2 Ohm / 4 x 800 W @ 4 Ohm
Minimum Load Impedance: 2 Ω
Damping Factor: >100
Max. Line Input Level: +23 dBu
Input SNR 128 dB(A)
Output SNR (DSP + Amp) 112 dB(A)
Analog Line Input Impedance: Minimum 20 kΩ balanced
Controls: Control encoder with push-button, 4x channel MUTE, 4x channel SELECT, Power On
Indicators: 4x4 Input sig. level LED, 4x4 Output sig. level LED, 4x4 Channel status (power, select, protect, mute), 1x Dante/1x LAN/1x Stand-By/1x Fault Status
Screen 3.5" TFT Color display with Touch Panel & 320 x 240 resolution RGB
Analog Audio Connections: 4x XLR input / Link
Digital Audio Connections 2x AES/EBU (XLR)
Network Connectors: 1x etherCON (LAN Control), 1x etherCON (Dante)
Speaker Outputs: 4x speakON® NL4
Dante®: Optional, Ultimo Chip, 4 Input Channel
DSP 32-bit SHARC CPU with floating point processing
DSP Sampling Frequency 48 / 96 kHz
DSP Features: Levels, Parametric EQ, Delay, Phase, RMS Limiter, Peak Limiter, FIR Filtering
Mains Input Voltage: 85 - 265 VAC
Power Consumption (Idle, Full Power): 30 W / 1000 W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19" x 2 RU x 450mm

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