M-Line is the ultra-compact, self-powered multipurpose system comprising our flagship M-F3A PRO line array with low end impact delivered by a pair of self-powered subwoofers.

L-Line’s ultra-compact form, high-efficiency and unique configuration epitomizes the core principles that drive SE AUDIOTECHNIK forward.

B-Line subwoofers can be paired with other SE products to add depth and distortion-free bass to deliver scalable systems that meet the needs of portable reinforcement and fixed installations.

Our new SMX-speakers are a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring requirements and off stage.

I-Line combines beautiful aesthetics with crystal clear speech reproduction and dynamic music playback to meet the exacting demands of fixed installations.

C-Line offers a lightweight, easy to setup active column solution with versatile connectivity and a built-in mixer that is sure to meet the needs of any user.