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SE Audiotechnik extends the warranty period to a full 4 years!

The global impact and limitations of Covid-19 have a massive impact on the entire entertainment and events industry worldwide. This makes it all the more important to recognise and appreciate the joint efforts and dedicated contributions to the reboot of the industry. In order to promote this optimistic, enduring mentality within the music industry, we have decided to extend the warranty period for all products from three to four years. This also applies to solutions purchased in the future - at least until the end of this year.

The new warranty period applies worldwide with immediate effect.

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M-Line comprises our ultra-compact, autonomous multi-purpose system with its flagship, the M-F3A PRO Line Array, which is supported by active subwoofers in the lower bass range.

With its ultra-compact form, high efficiency and unique configuration, L-Line embodies the core principles that drive SE AUDIOTECHNIK.

B-Line subwoofers can be combined with other SE products to create depth and distortion-free bass and provide scalable systems that meet the requirements of portable amplifiers and fixed installations.

Our new SMX loudspeakers are a compact yet powerful tool for various monitoring applications and for use off stage.

I-Line combines aesthetics with crystal-clear speech reproduction and dynamic music playback, thus meeting the high demands of fixed installations to a particular degree.

C-Line offers a lightweight, easy to set up active column solution with versatile connection options and an integrated small mixing console that meets the needs of every user.