M-F3A PRO is an ultra-compact active line array system which offers crystal-clear sound reproduction with punchy mids and studio-quality highs, due to its hornless design.

The M-F3A FS is the flyable bass extension module for the popular M-F3A PRO line array systems.

The S12 PRO is a compact self-powered subwoofer designed especially for the M-Line systems.

The S15 PRO is a compact active subwoofer designed especially for the M-Line systems.

Overcome the limitations of space: With the L 35, line arrays can also be set up in low-ceilinged rooms. Unobtrusive! And still sounds like a rocket launch.

The L 35 FS is the smart bass extension for the L 35 – not on the ground, but immediately suspended along the array.

Ground Control to Major Tom: With the L 65, you’ll make a safe landing!

When you have no room for floor subwoofers in front of the stage, and you need a wide dispersion, the L 65 FS is a brilliant solution.

A light in the dark? We developed the LA 10.4D so that you remain in control at all times.

The most outstanding feature of the models with a 15″ woofer is their easy handling during set-up and transport in combination with their impressive output power during operation.

The 18″ woofer, in conjunction with its powerful 4″ voice coil, delivers up to 138 dB max. SPL and achieves low frequencies down to 28 Hz.

The mighty 21″ driver with its huge 5″ voice coil thunders with up to 142 W max. SPL down to the deepest depths – performing from 25 Hz it is the bass beast in our line-up.

A compact 2-way passive loudspeaker with two woofers and variable sound dispersion for larger sound reinforcement applications.

The SMX 12 and the active SMX 12A are compact, extremely versatile 2-way coaxial monitors in bass reflex design. Thanks to the built-in 12″ LF with powerful 3″ voice coil and a 1″ HF with a 1.7″ voice coil, both SMX monitors are powerful and assertive in any mix and feature a harmonious, neutral sound character.

Thanks to their extraordinarily compact dimensions and simple, elegant design, the IC 32 and IC 34 full-range speakers blend discreetly into any environment.

The IC 38X features an extremely narrow beam angle; 120° wide horizontally but a super narrow 30° vertical angle.

The necessary power is provided by two 2-channel Class D power amplifiers optimally tuned to the I-Line column speakers – the IA 202D with 2x 250 W at 8 Ω and the IA 402D with either 2x 200 W at 8 Ω or 2x 400 W at 4 Ω.

The S 112i PRO subwoofer is the perfect addition when crystal-clear speech intelligibility and pleasantly balanced music playback are required.


The C6 self-powered column system is the perfect solution for people, who are looking for an easy to set up, expandable PA or monitor system with versatile connectivity and direct control via the built-in mixer.

The C6 SE normally acts as a remote-controlled addition to our versatile C6 column system in order to extend its fundamental bass sound. With its built-in 800W amplifier the C6 SE subwoofer also is able to act as a standalone subwoofer as a bass extension.