IC 38 X

Exceptionally powerful, unusually light and spot-on

For complex rooms where sound diffusion is challenging, and to ensure that sound can be aimed as directly as possible at the audience without loss, the IC 38X features an extremely narrow beam angle; 120° wide horizontally but a super narrow 30° vertical angle. This makes it ideal for acoustically demanding, expansive architecture such as halls, churches, larger conference rooms and open rooms with high-ceilings. Even over long distances, the audience receives direct sound thanks to the extremely narrow beam angle, whilst reflections from the ceiling are optimally reduced and the energy loss is also minimised at a bigger distance. Pleasant, relaxed speech intelligibility is thus guaranteed. The IC 38X is a real lightweight for its range. Equipped with eight 3.5″ neodymium drivers, two of which are coaxial systems with 0.5″ compression drivers, it weighs only 7.2 kg – but delivers an impressive 134 dB max. SPL with its 400W RMS power handling capacity, if required. The low weight allows for flexible and easy mounting on a truss, a ceiling or walls. This means it can also be used on the side of large video screens or architecturally challenging areas, and ensures uncompromisingly good speech intelligibility. Especially when combined with an S112i PRO subwoofer, the IC 38X produces a pleasantly round sound image. The IC 38X uses Phoenix MSTB 4-pin input and link connectors for quick and easy connection. Despite its low weight, the IC 38X is exceptionally durable and guarantees a long service life thanks to its indestructible die-cast aluminium housing. The choice of materials also supports the elegant, discreet and timeless design of the column speaker, which is available in white and black.


IC 38X Polarplot EDS

Extreme narrow vertical dispersion

Horizontally the IC 38X has a pretty wide 120 degrees and vertically a super narrow 30 degrees dispersion which allows aiming the acoustical energy directly into the audience, thus providing much better audibility in very reverberant rooms.
I-Line Angles

Die-cast Aluminum Body

The cabinet of IC 38X is made from solid die-cast aluminum for maximum rigidity and to ensure that the speakers last for years to come. Aluminum also allowed us to create elegant form and design that will easily fit in many environments. All I-Line speakers are available in black and white color.
IC 34 Backswitch


All I-Line column speakers are equipped with Phoenix MSTB 4-pin input and link connectors for quick and easy connection. Additionally, they all have a built-in 2-way switch that allows the user to select between two signal channels. Cost-saving, improved looks and faster installation times are the most significant benefits when used with 4-wire cables. Our IA 202D and IA 402D power amplifiers have dual-channel output to make installations easy and care-free.

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SMB (wird mit dem Produkt ausgeliefert) - Einfache, flexible Montage

The SMBSmart Mounting Bracket – was developed for uncomplicated, time-saving installation and the greatest possible flexibility in alignment; the intelligent wall bracket. With this bracket, the speakers can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere and at an ideal angle in order to optimise directivity. The SMB, designed in Germany, is included with every I-Line speaker and was specially designed for use with our column speakers. An SMB mounted column speaker can be adjusted on both axes by up to ± 90° in 10° steps. The SMB has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 10 kg and is supplied together with a 20 cm long steel cable for securing in accordance with international guidelines.


Production Partner Approved

I-Line Review in Production Partner Magazine 1|2021

With the I-Line, the Solingen-based manufacturer SE AUDIOTECHNIK presents a series of compact loudspeakers with sets consisting of two tops in column design, two DSP amplifiers and an active 12” subwoofer. How will this combination perform in fixed installations?

Special Test SE-Audiotechnik I-Line english

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IC 38X Drawing

Model:IC 38X
Frequency range (-3 dB):240 Hz – 18 kHz
Frequency range (-10 dB):110 Hz – 20 kHz
Coverage angles (-6dB) [H x V]:120° – 30°
Nominal impedance:4 Ω
Sensitivity *:96 dB
Peak power:1600 W
Continuous power **:400 W
Maximum Peak SPL ***:134 dB
System type:2-way passive system
Crossover frequency:3 kHz
Transducers:LMF: 8 x 3.5″ neodymium drivers (1″ voice coil) HF: 2 x 0.5″ exit compression drivers (1″ voice coil)
Enclosure type:Vented box
Connectors:Input / Link: Phoenix contact MSTB 4-pins
User controls:2-positions input selection switch
Wiring:Pins 1+/1- or 2+/2- (switchable)
Product dimensions [H x W x D] (Including rigging):924 x 116 x 150m
Net weight:8.3 kg
Packaging dimensions [H x W x D]:975 x 233 x 255 mm
Total weight:9.75 kg
Cabinet:Die-Cast aluminium housing, plastic
Cabinet finishing:Black or white powder coating
Grille:Powder coated perforated steel
Mounting:Center and Bottom Mounting Points for SMBX Bracket
Safety Wire Fixing Point
Smart Mounting BracketSMB
Ceiling Mounting Bracket:IC38X CMB
All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.* Whole space, 1W / 1m, on axis. With dedicated IA 402D amplifier´s preset.
** According to EIA-426B Standard (based on RMS Voltage)
*** Max Peak SPL = Sensitivity + 10log10(Continuous Power) + 12 dB Crest Factor


I-Line Manual English

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I-Line Brochure English

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EU Declaration of Conformity – Passive Loudspeakers

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Special Test SE-Audiotechnik I-Line english

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I-Line DWG Files

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