Compact passive loudspeaker series

CV-Line Family

The CV-Line is a compact, passive loudspeaker series designed to meet the versatile requirements in a wide range of installation and mobile applications. From live sound events to theaters, bars and houses of worship, as floor, standing or suspended sound reinforcement systems, numerous venues and applications can benefit from this exceptional speaker series.

CV-Line features high quality components, a wide dynamic range, high SPL and extended frequency response, which enables the CV speakers to be used not only as a harmonized loudspeaker system within the series but also for zoned sound reinforcement of large-sized speaker systems. The multifunctional designed cabinets are made of selected plywood. Their cabinet shape offers different options for positioning and orientation.

All CV full-range models are equipped with threaded rigging points for suspended applications. With the rotatable horn, a switch in both horizontal and vertical sound dispersion can be realized. Two speakON® NL4 connectors simplifies wiring and signal distribution. Bandpass and bass-reflex subwoofers compliment the CV-Line for a rich and powerful low-frequency base.


CV-10i – A a small 2-way passive speaker with variable sound dispersion for small and mid-sized install and sound reinforcement applications.

CV-12i – A compact 2-way passive speaker with variable directivity for small and mid-sized install and sound reinforcement applications.
CV-15i – A mid-sized 2-way passive speaker with variable directivity for larger applications.

CV-118B –  A compact 18″ bandpass subwoofer with a homogenous sound radiation and low non-linear distortion.

The CV-218B is a bass reflex subwoofer equipped with two 18″ woofers with 4″ voice coil.

CV 212 –  A compact 2-way passive loudspeaker with two woofers and variable sound dispersion for larger sound reinforcement applications.