System Subwoofers

B-Line Family

The B-Line subwoofers have been designed with great care, engineering skill and practical experience. The result is one of the most versatile and powerful subwoofer ranges on the market. The focus is on ease of use, supportive features and straightforward system integration.

For example, the B-Line Stacking Frames for the 15″ and 18″ B-Line subwoofers allow you to create system configurations quickly and securely. Simply take a few M-F3A PRO or L 35 line array modules*, attach them to the stacking frame and select the appropriate preset – done. In just a few minutes you have a modular and scalable full-range stack – that sounds great.

*Please note the maximum number of loudspeakers allowed in combination with the B-Line and the stacking frame.

15'' - The space miracle

The most outstanding feature of the models with a 15″ woofer is their easy handling during set-up and transport in combination with their impressive output power during operation. Thanks to its very compact dimensions, space is saved in storage and during transport, set-up is quicker and easier and you save on man- and muscle power – especially when flying individually or in an array. The 15″ woofer boasts a 3″ voice coil, so that even the smallest member in our family can already shows a stage presence of 136 dB max. SPL. The passive 15″ subwoofers feature a powerful load capacity of 1,600 W Peak, the active ones are fitted  with an 800 W Class-D amp.

18'' - The golden mean

The 18″ woofer, in conjunction with its powerful 4″ voice coil, delivers up to 138 dB max. SPL and achieves low frequencies down to 28 Hz. The passive version already has a peak output of 2,400 W, while the active subwoofers are powered by a 1,600 W Class-D amp. In order to transport and set up the speakers quickly and safely, there are two ergonomically optimised handles on each side. Pole bar and stacking frame – e.g. for the M-F3A PRO or the L 35 are available as accessories and add to the flexibility of the 18″ subwoofers.

21'' - The powerhouse

The mighty 21″ driver with its huge 5″ voice coil thunders with up to 142 dB max. SPL down to the deepest depths – performing from 25 Hz it is the bass beast in our line-up. With a load capacity of up to 4,000 W peak, it deliversenough power for every stage and every event. Despite its higher weight, it is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the two wellpositioned recessed grips on both sides. In direct comparison, as expected, it delivers the most robust performance at the low end and generates more than enough pressure in any situation. The active versions of this bass monster have a 1.600 W Class-D amp on board.

B 15A FS

Self powered

The great advantage of powered speakers is the built in amplifier. So there is no need for an external device – the internal amp is optimally matched to the woofer!

In the B 15A and the B 15A FS, an 800 W (peak) Class-D amplifier is at work, while the B 18A and B 21A / FS are driven by a mighty 1,600 W (peak) amplifier. Integrated DSP presets allow loading of preset system setups that are optimally matched to SE Audiotechnik ® products. Thus, the entire system is quickly and easily set up and perfectly adjusted. The directivity can be effortlessly changed in a flash from normal to cardioid or end-fire configuration via the large display and the push/rotary controller. Parameters such as EQ, Delay, Sensitivity and Phase can be adjusted and stored in your own User Presets.


If there is no room for floor subwoofers in front of or under the stage, but low frequencies need to be reproduced cleanly and powerfully, then you have to fly the sub. That’s why we’ve given the B 15A a flying  harness, making the B 15A FS the most versatile model of the B-Line. Like the B 15A, it can be operated on the ground or in a stack, but can also be flown by means of a quick and easy-to-attach flying grid. From 33 Hz upwards, the flying subwoofer provides support from lofty heights with rich bass, if required. The B 15A FS delivers 133 dB max SPL and is impressively powered by an 800 W (peak) Class-D amp with a wide  range of adjustment options.

B15A FS Stack
B-Line Curves