Sanremo Giovani 2023 with SE AUDIOTECHNIK M-Line and B-Line

For many Italians, February is associated with music and tradition. And so there is the annual Sanremo Music Festival, which has been captivating the Bel Paese in front of the screen since 1951. But the southern European country is also characterised by culture and art throughout the year. So it’s no surprise that December is devoted in particular to the artists who will shape the Italian and (hopefully) international panorama in the coming years.

With Sanremo Giovani 2023, which took place in the fantastic setting of the Sanremo Municipal Casino on 19 December 2023 and was broadcast live by Rai1, the young talents were able to present their vocal performances and compositions to the renowned jury.

At this show, at which Clara emerged as the winner, the opportunity was taken to equip the hall and the prestigious stage with SE AUDIOTECHNIK loudspeaker systems from the M-Line and B-Line.

Sound quality & homogeneous coverage

The setup configured by Danilo Meroni, Live Division Manager of Leading Technolgies, consisted of two main LR clusters, each composed of six M-F3A PRO line array modules and two front fills of two M-F3A PRO modules, positioned on the floor near the front rows at the sides of the catwalk where the young artists performed. To complete the low frequency performance, four B15A subwoofers from the B-Line series were used to give substance to the sound in the Sanremo Municipal Casino.

Danilo Meroni recapitulated the result of this configuration and commented on the decision in favour of these two SE AUDIOTECHNIK product lines with his years of experience in professional event operations: “The M-Line systems from SE AUDIOTECHNIK convinced us in terms of sound quality, homogeneous coverage, user-friendliness and installation. The technicians were more than satisfied with the sound performance of the system despite the very small dimensions of the modules.